Perl – The only language that looks the same before and after RSA encryption. (Keith Bostic)


  • Led senior engineer teams in financial exchange payment integrations, handling 100+ million transactions daily.
  • Transitioned from Tech Lead to CTO at a Blockchain startup in Switzerland, focusing on Serverless and AWS technologies.
  • Integrated OpenAI/ChatGPT on scalable platforms, specializing in Prompt Engineering.
  • Cloud Architecture Consultant across ML/AI, MedTech, eCommerce, and FinTech sectors. Cutting Cloud Costs by >95%.
  • Tech Lead in High Frequency Exchange R&D, contributing to infrastructure projects and smart contract reviews.
  • CTO at multi-cloud solutions company, leveraging Node.js, Serverless, RabbitMQ on AWS, GCP, Azure.
  • Google Grant recipient for Python Data Aggregation tool, focusing on data-driven insights.
  • WordPress VIP team member for major NYC media outlet with 5 million monthly visitors.


  • Led global teams including fully outsourced, hybrid, and multi-location setups.
  • As a CTO, provided comprehensive consultation to CEOs and COOs on technical direction, product strategy, and architecture feasibility.
  • Developed an international recruitment funnel from scratch, transitioning a local-only hiring company to a global team.
  • Expertise in conflict resolution and team motivation, with a track record of hiring and managing senior and mid-level developers across various disciplines.
  • Engaged in high-level investor discussions, translating complex technical concepts into easily understandable ideas, complemented with presentations and mini-white papers.
  • Conducted technical due diligence for investors, assessing potential investments in technology companies.

Other Information

Focused on FinTech, AI/ML, cloud architecture. Active in tech meetups and new web technologies.